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The Rose Report for Contractors

The Rose Report service for construction contractors and suppliers provides all of the information you would normally have to call the project architect or construction manager and ask.

We tell you not only the what, where and when about a project, we go a step further and give you more in depth details. like the type of building construction, the construction delivery method, we tell you what the detention and security electronics scope of work is that will be involved on the project, and if the information is available, we tell which manufacturers are approved to solicit prices from and which detention equipment and security electronic contractors you can team up with.

We offer several subscription levels; 5 State, 15 State, 30 State and National. More detail is available on the Subscription Options Page. 

Reports Provided:

1.  Preliminary Report:  This is an architect award/preliminary report.  The first report issued on the contractor side.  It tells you the What, Where, Who and anticipated When as well as any details available at the time.

2.  Project Updates:  As the project moves from its preliminary stages through to construction documents we issue updates as we receive them from the designer or construction manager.

3.  Bid Notices:  This is the formal invitation to bid telling you when the project is bidding and where you can obtain bidding documents.

4.  Bid Results:  These are not issued as often as we would like but are issued as the information is obtained,.

5.  Weekly Bid Schedule:  This is an excel spreadsheet that is issued once a week.  It lists not only projects with cast in stone bid dates but also jobs projected out a year and more.  Changes from week to week are color coded and explained to subscribers. 

Requests for pricing and/or a Free Trial may be emailed to: rose@therosereport.com