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Rose Report Testimonials

"Some 10 years ago, I was beating the bushes for project leads so that I could participate with Architectural teams in pursuit of work. The available lead services did not provide the information that I needed at a cost that was reasonable for a small specialty engineering firm.

I was introduced to Rose by a colleague that shared the same challenges; and was asked to consult on a hair-brain scheme to compete with the big guys for lead generation, specifically for justice projects. The three of us were able to strategize, target our needs, identify potential subscribers and put the backing together to make it happen.

Rose, being an irresistible, wild and crazy woman was just the person to get it done. With her enthusiasm, knowledge and energy it was not long before it was clear that it would be a success. Coming from within the industry, Rose already had a working knowledge of this incestuous business as well as a reputation among the architects, contractors and suppliers as knowing where and when work was already going to bid.

She has reason to be very proud of what she has accomplished! What has transpired over the past 19 years has been great to watch and benefit from. Congratulations on a job well done. Today, I look forward to getting The Rose Report and continue to expand our customer base, thanks to that initial meeting of three. The rest is history, she did it!!

Alan R. Latta PE*
Latta Technical Services Inc.

"Having the distinction of being the very first customer of The Rose Report, we have never regretted our deposit of trust. The Rose Report has consistently provided timely, accurate and relevant project information to us for almost 10 years. We depend upon this information to enable us to successfully track projects to bid and to remain informed of important developments in our industry. Thanks, Rose for a job well done!

Randy DeMent 

"I find that the Rose Report is a tremendous time saver for me. Their focus solely on the correctional market is a key advantage for me, as I don't have to sift through projects that don't share my interest. I have used all of the large reporting services over the years and I prefer The Rose Report over all of them hands down."

Rick Holmes 
South Western Communications, Inc

"After using numerous job reporting services of national repute, ESITECH, Inc. found a home (over a decade ago) as a subscriber of The Rose Reports and we never looked back. The service is efficient, timely and friendly. The reports provide information regarding the various phases of a project, ranging from its inception (such as a bond referendum to build a jail), to the selection of an architect and contractor bid notices, through the government agency placing a project on indefinite hold. All aspects are covered in a concise yet thorough manner. The Rose Report is a valuable tool for ESITECH, and unlike a host of overhead items, it is an expense that easily pays for itself."

Bill Denton* 

* We realize Mr. Latta and Mr. Denton have both passed; however, their words and support will live on with me all of my days.*